I need collaborators!

My vision for this podcast is that it will center on role-playing and feature a lot of different voices playing the roles.

So if you are anticipating an NVC roleplay that you’d be able to record with consent, I would love to listen to it so that we can then talk about it.

Possibilities would be conversations between empathy buddies, study groups, or a real life conversation where a partner or stakeholder who would be willing to be recorded.

Some such recordings might be stand-alone episodes proceeded by a short introduction, others might be created by splicing together a conversation with a post-conversation in which I may or may not be involved.

My goal with the podcast is to provide instances of the practice of NVC to supplement the many excellent books and youtube videos that present its general principles.

So if you have a recording of some interesting NVC practice you’d be willing to share with me, or an idea of a recording you would like to make with my indirect or direct assistance, please be in touch.

Even if no produced episode comes of our conversation, my need for connection adventure would be served if you’d respond to my invitation.

I would also appreciate being in conversation with anyone who has listened to the podcast, but has no interest in making a recording. Such conversations help me think of experiements by means of which to bend the podcast the better to make it serve clarity.

email: jack@nvcpractice.com