Be In Touch

I started this podcast in order to find people with whom to practice NVC.

If you have any interest in receiving empathy from me, doing a role play around a clutchy conversation you might have had or be anticipating, please make a request.

If you’re of a mind to discuss┬áthe ideas, vision, and argument of NVC, me too, let’s have a conversation for the podcast or not.

In all cases I’ll ask you if I can record the call for potential use on the┬ápodcast, but I’ll be open to your preference to just talk off the record for the pleasure of connecting.

My email:

The podcast has a facebook group where I respond to all comments and PM’s. If you ask in I’ll let you in. Facebook Group

If you want to see schedule some Skype time, or just look at the hours I’m available to talk, this is my appointment app.